Botanicals : Argyreia nervosa aka Hawaiian Baby Woodrose


Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Argyreia nervosa is a perennial climbing vine that is native to the Indian Sub Continent and introduced to numerous areas worldwide, including Hawaii, Africa and the Caribbean. Though it can be invasive, it is often prized for its aesthetic value.

Common names include Hawaiian Baby WoodroseAdhoguda अधोगुडा or Vidhara विधारा (Sanskrit), Elephant Creeper and Woolly Morning Glory.

The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose plant is a large-growing vine reaching lengths of 10 Meters (30+ Feet). The beautiful, ornamental vines have large, heart-shaped leaves and clusters of 2-3 inch flowers. Argyreia nervosa is easy to grow from seed. 

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds may be consumed for their various ergoline alkaloids, such as ergine, which can produce psychedelic effects. – More Info Here

Authors Note : 

I had two opportunity to try this few years ago and i was advised to go on an easy diet the morning before consuming it but i was hammered & on excessive benzodiazepine. The result started with excessive throwing up (i just took it as i was ridding my body of toxins and pushed through the nightmare). Next i felt this huge load of weight overcome my body and i  laid unconscious in one position for what seemed like 4-7 hours. Some of my friends had to come and check my pulse in between lol. Then i got up after 10 hours of conscious/unconscious sleep and that was it for me. But my other two friends claim they felt bliss. One felt a warm hand touching her and telling her everything will be alright with life. She claimed it was very comforting.

Now how i could not have been comforted! So i attempted a second and third time. The second attempt was pretty much as horrifying as the first attempt. I started assuming that my body might contain too much negative energy and chemicals n toxins, and maybe that is why i am having such a bad time.

Third attempt! I had a light diet early in the morning before attempting this, Had a joint before, in between and after but stayed off allc chemicals i then used. This time i felt better but i once again did not feel bliss. I felt cheated and i sold my remainder two capsules containing powdered Argyeria to another two friend.

They call me 1.5 hours later asking me what the fuck have i sold them??? They were experience drug users who freaked out with how it was coming down heavy on them initially. Six hours later they called me up and told me they are quitting weed, this was the best thing on the planet. They felt loved and happy and they do not want it to go away.

So yea, it was not my time yet i guess. But whether it felt good or bad i felt it was my duty to experience it and there was something to learn from my personal experience. It could have been telling me to stop the chemical abuse and probably showing me the real misery my body was. Perhaps eh?

Do feel free to share your experiences below.