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Serkan Zorba
A rigidly rotating model of the universe is postulated. It is shown that dark energy and dark matter are cosmic inertial effects resulting from such a cosmic rotation, corresponding to centrifugal and a combination of centrifugal and the Coriolis forces, respectively. The physics and the cosmological and galactic parameters obtained from the model closely match those attributed to dark energy and dark matter in the standard Λ-CDM model. (…)

(…) Conclusions
In summary, I have demonstrated that a rigidly rotating universe model of the universe––with an angular frequency equal to the Hubble’s constant––resolves some of most outstanding problems in cosmology today in a heartbeat.
Specifically, in the first part, I have shown that the rotary model naturally explains many seemingly mysterious and difficult issues surrounding dark energy such as the origin and extreme small value of the cosmological constant/dark energy, its
smoothness, its gravitationally repulsive nature and Hubble’s law.

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